Today I went out to do some sketches of the site where my pavilion should be placed. It was a very nice afternoon  after a foggy morning  sun was shinning and I could go out to one of my favourite place in Dundee near V&A. It is next to the Discovery Point at riverside. I really like the atmosphere around the river and the views of the opposite coast. It is also great opportunity to see both Dundee bridges from this spot, it is Tay Bridge on the left and Rail Tay Bridge on the right.

It is also great place for seeing the building site of V&A and its process of construction on the river. It helped me a lot to imagine how the whole place and the finished museum will look like.

I made sketch of V&A with the Tay Bridge in background and then other sketch of structure of the V&A. I was working with watercolours and pencil, it is for me the best way how I can express my feelings of the paticular place and it is also more fun and faster to work with watercolours than only with pencils.

After that I had to go more far away from the river because of the freezing wind blowing around. I went to the second potential site for my pavillion to the Slessor Gardens. It is the park on the opposite site of V&A closer to the historical centre. It is so amazing place, you can see V&A, the Royal Research Ship and its museum, a new building of train station, Tay Bridge and also historical buildings of the city centre. I tried there a new technique of sketching, recommended by Linsey McIntosh at Material Matters lessons, it lies in really fast drawing. You have just one or two minutes for each sketch and you don’t have pause between them. In the end you made like 10 sketches in 10 minutes. It is very usefull, uyou have time only for drawing of important things. Thanks to that you can find new opportunities of the site, new inspiration, new shapes and lines. After that you understand more to the atmosphere of the whole place.

I am really enjoying my stay here in Dundee. With every new day I am becoming more and more excited about the school, new project, the city and it’s surrounding. I put here some photos of the place and also of my drawings, so you can also enjoy it.