EMBRACE – RSA brief – Eat, Share, Live

Embrace is a universal modular kitchen system where the human body is the centre of the design. Embrace provides people with sight loss with the feeling of independence, confidence and satisfaction. Thanks to its modularity it can be placed into any kitchen space of any size and it enables easier and quicker orientation for any new user. Each module has its own purpose, texture, material and colour and can be combined together or stand on their own as a kitchen island. The variable use of modules create a familiar space even inside someone else’s kitchen. If the kitchen design was to be replicated in another home, a visually impaired user would still be familiar with the layout, feeling comfortable and confident to use it.

A person with sight loss needs their own organisation system in the kitchen where each component has its own space, but in every family there are multiple members using the room with multiple organisational systems. That can make the visually impaired person lost in their kitchen and unable to cook without the assistance of another. Embrace contains a new additional connection to ‘Alexa‘ within Amazon Echo. Via scanning kitchen worktops and employing artificial intelligence, Alexa enables the user to take 100% control of the whole kitchen space and makes cooking easier and enjoyable.

The design is informed by the movements of the human body and focuses more on catering to the other senses rather than just sight. Haptic, tactile and sound elements create a multi-sensory experience of intimate warmth and strong identity between the user and sensation of their home.