Tereza Chronakova

Rachael McGuinness

Evan Roy

Lauren Cavannagh


The Patient NO.1 is a memorial stool that should commemorate people who donated their bodies for science purposes. It should be placed in Medical School or Life Science buildings and create there a place where can students and scientists say thanks to the body donnors or  just identify with the theme.


‘One of the most selfless acts a human can do is to donate his/her body to medical education and research, so we feel it is important to make the most of this wonderful gift.’


We worked a lot with effects of shadows and lights. Our idea was to make an abstract object/stool which shadow would create a silhoutte of a person. It is on curve base and each sections of the chair represent different part of human body. The highest one represents head and the lowest one shins, usage of these layers represents act of putting cadaver’s body parts back together. The abstract shape symbolize the body without any identity or personality but thanks to the light and shadow, we are able to show that it was real living person in the past.



Purpose of Stool

  • To commemorate/remember those who donated their bodies.
  • To raise awareness of body donation.

Take a Seat project was for me completely new experience, because I have never designed furniture before.