Reflective Pavilion – sTAY

This pavilion is designed to reconnect the city centre of Dundee and the river Tay, that are now seperated by the main roads, and provides a closed space for people where they can just stop, feel safe and meditate or enjoy the power of water around them. It is placed on the connection line of the city and the river.

The inside space is divided into two parts – open one and closed one. Visitors entre into the open one where they can enjoy a great view of the riverside and reflections of water inside of the pavilion. The second space is the the closed one. It intends to be the place for self-reflection and meditation – place to just sit and stop.

The structure of the pavilion is inspired by japanese architect Akihisa Hirata and his Bloomberg Pavilion. The way they were working with mapping of trees and trasnforming it into the triangle structure by using corrugated metal sheets. That was something I wanted to try in my pavilion. I connected all the places where you can stop in Dundee like churches, galleries or parks with connecting lines and I created from the shape of it triangle corrugated structure made from white metal sheets for roof and one wall.Other mine inspiration were water movements, I designed relief made from small holes in the shape of sand moves and translucent concrete wall that provides a view of pouring water on the glass wall and the roof outside of the pavilion. The goal was to make a contrast to the old city whith using white structure showing new forms and ways for the new bright future.


sTAY = stay + TAY