SEAGULL Bus Station

Seagate, Dundee, UK
University of Dundee, 2018


The aim of this project was to redesign the current bus station on Seagate Street in Dundee into an attractive, ecological and inclusive space. The new design enables users to wait for buses in a comfortable, warm and friendly environment that offers them many entertaining services while they‘re using the space. By using ecological materials and greenery it has a great impact on the surrounding by reducing the air pollutants from the bus services. The colour navigation system in the space makes travelling and use of the bus station easier for older and even younger passengers.



To obtain immediate insights from the users and passengers of the bus station I created a 3D tool that helped me to collect information about what works and what doesn‘t work in the building and the surrounding environment. I created a cardboard bus that I was wearing with a secret box inside. I provided people with old Dundee‘s bus tickets, on which they could write their own experiences considering the bus station.
It enabled me to have a conversation with a wide range of people of different age or social group. This process provided me with evidence that the bus station needs big improvements and it made me aware of new problems that I hadn‘t considered before.