Semantics workshop – OPEN

During the Material Matters module we had a great opportunity to work for one week under leadership of Interior Architect Filip Claes. He came from Belgium to teach us about the value of semantics within the design. Filip taught us how to understand and how to work with Semantics in our own projects and showed us very great examples of his own and other designer’s work.

Our task was to choose one motion and then remake rectangular piece of blue foam into specific shape that will make all the people move with the object in the motion that they should without using any arrows or words. We had to design it in the most simple way. Sometimes we were allowed to do just one cut. It really made me think about instincs and how much can shapes influence our moves and thinking. My motion was open and we cam up with idea not make it open, but just make people try to open it. So I created just one long cut with curves where you should put your thumbs. Below I took some photograps of the action and you can see there how I transformed the foam to communicate in the specific way.

We tested our pieces on two students from 4th year in the crit room. It helped a lot when we could actually see how they were moving or touching our objects. The test had shown whose objects really worked and which foams needed to be improved or more specified.